3 Reasons to Snack on Popcorn

Popcorn Top Snack

Popcorn: the snack you’re not eating often enough.

Do you crave popcorn now and again? Do you long for a big bucket to binge on while you binge watch your favorite show or as a midday snack? As it turns out, popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks that you can eat. While it often gets a bad rap, freshly popped corn has high levels of antioxidants and is known to be an excellent source of fiber.

Neat, huh?

The professionals at Popped Fresh explain why our daily-made popcorn is so great to snack on! While you’re reading, tuck into some top-quality popcorn for the full effect!

It’s healthy. (Believe it or not!)

Put down the microwaveable bags of popcorn; we’re talking about freshly popped corn! Popped Fresh makes daily batches, popped in coconut oil, proven to be much better for our heart health. At our store, we only use real brown sugar, butter, and cheddar cheese so that you don’t have to worry about processed products and nasty additives that you find in so many store-bought items. Along with imported chocolate, our ingredients are only the finest around! Our top-quality ingredients produce a high-quality product, the beloved popcorn! After all, if you’re going to indulge in a decadent treat, you ! 3 may as well do it, right?! Got a dietary need? We offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options that in no way lack on flavor or fun. And of course, all of our popcorn seed is GMO-free!

It’s wallet-friendly.

Popcorn is one of the cheapest snacks available today. Whether you buy gourmet popcorn or simple kettle corn, buying popcorn won’t put a strain on your wallet. At Popped Fresh, our mini bags start at $1.75, but offer three cups full! What’s not to love about that? From mini to extra-large and party-sized, we offer popcorn bags to suit every budget and appetite – so get snacking!

It’s perfect for on the go.

Swing by Popped Fresh to pick up a bag for your sports practice break or midday pick-me-up! All of our popcorn is popped fresh and is hand-packaged so it’s easy for you to carry. You don’t need to refrigerate popcorn, which makes it ideal for taking it with you while you’re out for the day. Even better, with school back in session, popcorn is easy to add into your child’s bag for lunch or an after-school snack.

If you’re a popcorn lover, find out why you should be snacking on this goodie daily! Are you craving all kinds of popcorn now? Visit the experts at Popped Fresh in Agoura Hills, California to enjoy one of over 60 of their decadent flavors and pick up a fun basket today!